Managing dynamic content is all in the planning. Or rather, not having a content plan can be so paralysing that it can kill your creativity. Worrying about this morning’s post is so much more stressful than having to come up with something for six weeks ahead.

Having plenty of ideas in the hopper really helps take the pressure off. So, for your blogs, networking events, social media and any anything else, make sure you have the next few weeks mapped out.

Keeping it simple

You do not need to get complicated with planning. You don’t even need to set dates for a lot of it.

My social media plan is an excel table. There are one or two words for each type of post and when they need to go out. Some are fixed (“I’ll be going live…” always posts on a Wednesday morning”). Others can move around.

Of course, if you are fitting around specific dates (see Look Around You) you do need to have these going out at the right time. That isn’t difficult if most of the rest of your content is more flexible.

Writing ahead

I write posts in blocks too (usually on a Sunday morning). I’ll do a series of fascinating facts about words and a block of photos of Lola doing daft things all in one go.

Because they are already written it doesn’t matter if I’m out and about on the day it is due to go out.

Blogs are the same. I write them in blocks – so I’m in a groove and the whole of a series links together in a fluid way.

Flexible Planning

Sometimes, something will pop up that you’ll want to react to quickly – so don’t make your plan too rigid. This happened to me recently. Garfield the cat, whose story I co-authored, died suddenly. I was due to do my regular fortnightly live broadcast but, instead, I did a tribute to Garfy. I then caught up the following week and then everything was back on track.

Things happen! So if you need to respond or something extra special is going on in your business, have some idea of how you will slot that in if and when it happens.

Above all…play!  Creating content can be fun so feel free to mix things up and try new things. It can be uncomfortable at first but always remember: There are no failed experiments. Only more data.

The more you try the more you will learn about what works for you and your audience and each good idea will build on another.

To get a better idea on how to generate great content ideas and turn them into working content for you, including a free planning worksheet, take a look at our online course Demystifying Content.

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