Team Sorcery

Internal Communications

The content of your internal business communications is a crucial way to show your people how you like things done.

When you get this right, you create a team chemistry that’s motivating and thoughtful. But if you get it wrong, there’s the potential for resentment and unrest.

At Creative Words we understand the nuances and impact of words and the power they have to motivate or demotivate your people. We also understand how important it is to relay key information and messages to your teams in a succinct way.

If you’re lacking engagement from your teams with your current communication style, it’s time to call in Creative Words! Sometimes all that’s needed is a tweak here and there to get things moving in the right direction.

New Joiner Materials

Statistically a third of new joiners quit in their first few months of a new job, while another third say they knew in their first week that this was a place they wanted to stay long-term. So, having the right content in place for welcoming them and making the right first impression is vital.

The content of these materials needs to impress and incentivise from the start, even before they’re walked through the door to start their first day.

New joiner materials include things like…

  • A contract of employment
  • A welcome email from their line manager
  • An outline of what they can expect on their first day
  • Information about the values and principles of the business
  • A guide about the technology they’ll be using

At Creative Words we know how to ensure your new joiner content combines facts with feeling. Our new joiner material creators can stand in the shoes of your new team member as well as your business and deliver content to meet both of your needs.

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your new joiner materials and you want to freshen things up, or perhaps you’re starting from scratch with hiring a team and don’t know where to start, Creative Words is here to help.


Have you ever attended a training where the content doesn’t flow or make sense, or the handouts are badly written and repetitive, or maybe you’ve not been provided with any accompanying materials at all?

After this kind of experience, it’s easy to end up feeling like your time’s been wasted and everything taught has gone in one ear and out the other!

Training is a requirement of every business in some capacity and well thought out, concise and well-presented content, hitting all of the learning styles, is a key component to it being successful.

Distilling a wealth of knowledge down into short, succinct sentences to create training material isn’t a skill that comes easily to everyone. At Creative Words we really appreciate how challenging (and frustrating) this process can be.

The good news for you is that we happen to be rather good at taking on challenges!

If you’re ready to ensure your training materials hit all the right notes and keep your teams engaged and eager to implement everything they’ve learned, our training content services are perfect for you.