Income Alchemy

Books and Author Services

Are you already working hard on your dream of completing your first book? Or maybe you’re a seasoned author with a few books under your belt already?

Writing a book is a unique experience that can feel like quite a lonely, uphill slog at times. You need to dedicate many hours of your time to the writing process. Then there’s the editing and proofing and all the other bits and pieces to get done before your book can be released into the world. For some this can feel overwhelming and sometimes a little too much!

That’s where Creative Words comes in. We really understand the author journey and what it takes to dig deep and focus on creating your masterpiece.

Our comprehensive range of author services give you…

  • Accountability and support to get your book written
  • An opportunity to share and test your ideas
  • Sample chapter reviews
  • Hints, tips and techniques on writing styles
  • Access to professional editors and proofreaders
  • Confidence that your work will be seen in the best possible light once published
  • An understanding of all the publishing options available to you

Don’t have the knowhow or time to create the content yourself, but are still longing to release a book? If that’s the case, our full ghost writing and collaborative partner writing services are the perfect option for you.

Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, for children or adults, for income or pleasure, Creative Words has the support you need.

Don’t shelve your dream; contact us and let’s work together to make your dream your reality.

Online Training and Memberships

Online training and membership services are often positioned as an easy golden ticket to ‘making money while you sleep’.

Yes, repurposing your content into trainings and memberships is easy, especially with all the great online platforms available. But don’t be fooled, because easy does not mean effortless! There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into the creation process!

This is where Creative Words excels.

We work with you to…

  • Create a content strategy
  • Design the services you want to deliver
  • Collate all of your materials – videos, slides, worksheets, assessment questions, email sequences, landing pages and all the supporting materials you need

Taking all of this online training and membership content creation off your hands, frees up your time to focus on the learning outcomes you want participants to achieve.

We also support you with…

  • Recommendations for the right platform to use
  • Every stage of the content creation – all you need to do is bring your expertise
  • Setting up your online platform with content so it reflects your brand and gives a great customer experience
  • All the marketing materials needed to launch your service
  • Ongoing maintenance of content to keep things fresh and retain members

We understand that every business has different needs, so we will tailor our services accordingly.

So, whether you have existing services and content, are right at the start of your journey, or anywhere between, our expertise will be of huge benefit to you.