Marketing Magic


A website is your virtual ‘shop window’ and generally the first place potential customers go to check you out.

It’s essential your website is maintained and regularly updated to reflect who you are and what you have to offer. Without this you risk losing customers because they assume you’re closed for business!

An up to date website…

  1. Helps with SEO, giving a greater chance of first page listings in search engines
  2. Showcases who you are and what you stand for
  3. Helps customers to feel confident your business is thriving
  4. Shows you have something valuable to say

As website content writers we understand how crucial it is to have brilliantly written, optimised content with a clear message. We also understand this can feel challenging and time-consuming to create.

If you…

  • Have no time to create and set up new web content
  • Don’t feel you have the skills to create content that substantial and meaningful
  • Simply don’t want to create and implement content yourself, or
  • Don’t understand how SEOs work or how to operate them and want someone else to handle it

You need Creative Words!

Whether your website is new, in need of a review and refresh, or needs regular management, we have the perfect package for you.


The number one challenge most businesses face when it comes to producing blogs (or other regular marketing content) is CONSISTENCY!

Without consistency potential customers will think one of two things – either you’re a company that’s not going to finish what it starts or, worse still, you’re no longer trading!

If you need some incentive to add blog writing to your marketing repertoire, recent statistics show that 77% of internet users read blogs. Businesses who blog experience twice as much email traffic as those who don’t, and they also receive 97% more links to their websites.

At Creative Words we understand the value that regular blog writing brings, and how to take this content and repurpose it in multiple ways to save your business time, while adding value to your customers.

Blogs can be…

  • Used to create content for social media posts and newsletters
  • Reworked into downloads to build your mailing list
  • A tool for improving your ranking in search engines
  • Used to build credibility for your business and position you as an expert
  • A way to put a human face to your business

Our team of talented blog writers can create and implement regular and impactful content for you that speaks directly to your target audience. If time, knowhow or a lack of inclination are holding you back, our marketing content packages are perfect for you.


Brochures and leaflets are impactful pieces of marketing collateral that highlight your company’s benefits, products and services to your customers.

It’s important to remember that brochures are a visual tool for your company and the creation process needs to be approached from that perspective. Unlike general copywriters, at Creative Words we understand this, and the processes required to achieve it.

The intention of our brochure copywriters is to ensure when working on your brochure that they create a balance between words and design and, most importantly, that your brochure has impact and adds value to your business.

With our brochure and leaflet services, we also offer and end-to-end service. Once Creative Words has created the visual concept and content for you, we then work with trusted designers and printers to ensure you receive your eye-catching, impactful and high-quality printed materials straight to your door.

If you’re ready to have brochures and leaflets that make a lasting impact on your customers, get in touch.

Email Campaigns

To earn your place in your customer’s elusive inbox (and stay there), you need to have strategies in place that keep them engaged and their cursor away from the unsubscribe button!

Providing top-notch, interesting and engaging content is key, and there are a variety of different ways this can be achieved. At Creative Words we have a team of awesome email campaign writers who know how to speak your language and ensure your customers not only stay on your email list, but also open and interact with the content you send them.

Our email campaign writers create:

  • Transactional emails
  • Behavioural emails
  • Landing pages
  • Nurture campaigns
  • Internal email communications
  • And more!

And our support doesn’t stop at the content creation!

Creative Words is here as your gift of time, so if you need us to we’ll set up all the email automation for you as well.

An engaged and growing email list is like gold for your business – get in touch and let us help you nurture yours with the most effective content possible.