Want to know how Creative Words can help your business? Take a look at what some of our clients have to say.

Katharine Ellis, Life Coach, at Ellis Inspired


We created the content for Katharine’s website and co-ordinated with the designer and developer to make the process as easy as possible for Katharine.

“We have used Cate and her team at Creative Words for our website content and would gladly recommend their services. They took on board our full requirements and truly delivered. We will be collaborating again soon for our companies newsletter.”

Carl Briggs, Pure Services

Cate and her team have absolutely nailed our brief and we are delighted with the content for our new website. Working with Creative Words has elevated the quality of our content – something you definitely need this professional team to do for you.

Vanessa Law, Law & Lewis

Fiona Simpson, at Lilac Pearl.


When we first started working with Fiona, she was struggling to get across to her audience the benefits of the brilliant work that she does. We worked with Fiona to ensure the content for her website really spoke to the people she was wanting to work with.

Jane Johnson, Acupuncturist, at Cambourne Acupuncture


When we first started working with Jane, she had an existing website that she knew it could be so much better and really serve her clients in a bigger way. We helped her to really tap into the potential of what great copy can do by refreshing and optimising all of the copy on her website. We also helped her to resurrect a very important fertility project that had been put on the back burner since 2014, by building out a landing page, email sequence, free report and accompanying blogs.

We knew we were in safe hands as soon as we started working with Creative Words. Cate took the time to understand our business and, with her expert eye for detail, wrote the perfect content for our website. We are delighted with the results.

Giuseppe Piran

Fantastic service. Great end product.”

Luke Giles, Giles Plumbing & Heating

I would 100% recommend Creative Words. I was recently having a new website built and was feeling a bit daunted by the prospect. Cate made some very valuable suggestions going way beyond my expectations. She very quickly grasped my vision. I was so happy with the final result. Thank you Cate, you’re a class act!

Lucy Johnson

Thank you Cate and all at Creative Words for completing the work on my website content. I was really impressed by the knowledge and effort your team made to get everything done, with no help required from me whatsoever! 100% professional; I would not hesitate to recommend Cate or the team at Creative Words to anyone. I’m really pleased with the result of your work and I’m looking forward to working with you all again soon.

Steve Osborne, Venetian Plaster Service

Pippa Dennitts, Strengths Coach and People Specialist, at Strengths in People


We provide ongoing support for Pippa with all her written content. From website to brochures, blogs to LinkedIn profile and newsletter, and more, we support Pippa in whatever area of her business written content is required. Pippa recognises that working with content experts who she trusts, not only saves her time but also gives her results.

“Cate and the Creative Words team provide exceptional copywriting services. Their ability to grasp the intricacies of the HR industry and the specific needs of our organisation was astounding. They created content that captured the essence of our company culture and values, making our brand stand out in a competitive market. I wholeheartedly recommend Creative Words to any organisation seeking to elevate their communication game.”

Joanne Moss, Moss HR

From the moment I started working with Cate, I knew I had someone who would be adaptable in supporting my many ideas and have patience! Cate and her team are not just people who deliver words on a page; they are a partner who takes the time to understand my business, listen to my needs and works with me and my team. But what truly makes Cate and her team stand out, is the incredible level of support they have provided me and my team with since I first started.

Adam Fernandes, The Cloud Accountants

Neil Winning, Sales Manager at M&D Flooring


We work with Neil on an ongoing basis providing content and set up of their monthly newsletter, as well content for some of their marketing materials. Keeping in touch with their customers regularly in this way has generated opportunities for more business and created more awareness about their products and services.

I trust Cate and the Creative Words team with all my business content. Knowing I have an expert at my side taking care of this part of my business means I can focus on what I do best. The value-add I get from my relationship with Creative Words makes the investment a real no-brainer from my point of view. Huge thanks to Cate & all the team!

Pippa Dennitts, Strength in People

Cate and the team are amazing and professional, and the quality of the work is just exceptional. We love working with Creative Words and would highly recommend them.

Carla Crocombe, Safety Rocks

Jane Johnson, Acupuncturist at Cambourne Acupuncture


When we first started working with Jane, she had an existing website that she knew it could be so much better and really serve her clients in a bigger way. We helped her to really tap into the potential of what great copy can do by refreshing and optimising all of the copy on her website. We also helped her to resurrect a very important fertility project that had been put on the back burner since 2014, by building out a landing page, email sequence, free report and accompanying blogs.

Creative Words has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Cate and her team are extremely easy to do business with, flexible in their approach and willing to go above-and-beyond for their clients, all while maintaining a high-quality standard. We at SmartPurse company simply can’t recommend them enough!

Antonela Perkins, SmartPurse

Cate and her team are prompt, professional and very easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Adam Ferenczi, SKK Design

Creative Words helped me activate a project that’s been ‘talking to me’ for a number of months. One Skype call, a voice note & a meeting later I have my first case study to get approved by the client. Brilliant job! Creative Words are now my go to people for a series of case studies to help grow my business & demonstrate our expertise. Thank you!

Gerard Duggan, Utilitrack

It is not just Creative Words passion for content but the instant results that their content produces, They transform the ideas in my head with ease, often putting in the extra-time to deliver excellent creativity. I already have enquiries, within a day.

Paul Chiy, De Jure Chambers

I love your creative ideas and how you take my information and turn it into good content. It means I can concentrate on coaching and know I can leave the blogs and newsletters to you.

Ilana Jankowitz, Mindful Money Coaching

Billy Schwer, former Boxing Champion, Personal Performance Coach & Professional Speaker


We worked with Billy to help him structure his online course, and have also created content for his speaker website, working hand in hand to set up a complex webinar funnel. On an Alchemy Package Billy receives all of the content support he needs on a monthly basis.

“Such a great service, superb writing which allows me to free up time to focus on clients.”

Kelly Brändli, The One Coaching & Matchmaking

I have been working with Cate for the best part of 12 weeks and there are several things that stand out about her; one being her honesty. Cate’s work ethic is high and if there is an obstacle in your current plan, she’ll research the hell out of everything and come back with a solution and a plan of action. And for me, that’s the type of person you want on your team!

Dwain Chambers, Chambers for Sport

Marian Sinclair, Owner of Motorcycle Funerals


We’ve been the gift of time for Marian, supporting her with advertising content for both motorcycle and funeral publications.

Fiona Simpson, charity work for Ipswich Outreach

We provided pro-bono support for Fiona with an application for a lottery bid for Ipswich Outreach.

Cate & her team are extremely helpful. Great at their jobs and make everything go seamlessly. Highly recommend, 5 star service!

Jamie Osbourne-Briggs, Cambridge Stove Installations

Cate built me a beautiful, comprehensive plan that I could use to launch my products. She was collaborative, easy to work with, fun, and she kept me to a timeline to get my deliverables in just the way I needed them. Creative Words changed how I do business. Thanks again!

Patti Dobrowolski, Up Your Creative Genius

Gerard Duggan, Utilitrack Franchisee – commercial energy brokers


We worked with Gerard helping him with content for his website, adjusted the tone of voice with his client emails to make them more engaging and value led, and created an email automation to help Gerard stay in regular contact with his clients.

Kelly Brändli, Dating & Relationship Coach and Founder of The One – Coaching & Matchmaking


We provide ongoing support for Kelly with all her written content needs, including blogs, newsletters, website content, as well as technical items like funnel building. When Kelly first started working with us she was overwhelmed by the amount of time it took to create and manage her content. Now she has that time back and can focus on the things she loves to do in her business.

Due to Cate’s background & wealth of experience, it has meant that I can delegate the complete task with very little oversight. This has meant that I can get on with doing other things. Also she really does turn my base metal content into content gold! She would also phrase that better than I could!

Fiona Grant-Jones, Grant Jones Accountancy Ltd

Creative Words helped me look at the coaching content I have and manage it in such a way that the people I want to interact with it get it, understand it and want to do business with me, or they want to find out more about what it is that I have to offer. If you’re looking to do something with your content and be more creative, check out Creative Words.

Pete Cohen, Mi365

Jamie Osbourne-Briggs, Owner of Cambridge Stove Installations


We worked with Jamie to created content and set up for an automated email sequence to ensure his clients are always reminded ahead of time to book their chimney sweeps and keep their warranties up to date.

Mandy-Jayne Lace, at Accessibility Partners


When we first started working with Mandy-Jayne, she was struggling to find the right words to be able to clearly express how she’s able to help people. With our mentoring, Mandy-Jayne has learnt to have fun with expressing herself and now the people who really need her can hear her authentic voice.

Patti Dobrowolski, TEDx speaker, critically acclaimed comic performer, writer and business consultant


Patti wanted to convert her ground breaking methods into an online training programme. We worked with her to create a content strategy and plan, to map out a clear path to a successful launch.

Pete Cohen. Keynote Speaker, Life Coach and Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Mi365


We work with Pete on a regular basis, providing content for his Online Membership Service – Mi365 Elite – and have also collaborated with him on his highly successful Mi365 Journal, several e-books and regular LinkedIn articles.

Julie Grint, Holistic Coach


When we first started working with Julie, she was struggling with knowing what content to share and where to share it. We worked with Julie to create a strategy that ensures she now has a clear system for delivering her content, and the confidence to share her knowledge and build great connections with her audience.

John Monks, Co-Founder of Curve Creative


We worked with John helping him to write his bestselling book: ‘Closer Apart – How to Run Brilliant Workshops Online’. Our collaboration began with brainstorming concept ideas, and then moved on to coaching John through the writing process, and providing support and guidance every step of the way.

“Cate is holding my hands as I journey towards a better writer and potential author. Something I wouldn’t have done alone. And, although it’s still early days, I find the support and accountability well worth it. My writing is getting clearer, and I think the shift in skillset will be one that compounds in value, and rewards even further in time, rather than diminish. Thanks Cate”

Mat Jeffery

Cate of Creative Words conducted a reader review of my debut memoir, The Fate We Make. She was thorough, honest and gave me useful feedback about how to improve my writing and storytelling. She provided a fresh perspective and was very professional and friendly throughout. Thank you Cate.

Simone Warren

The words that come to mind when I think about the difference that Creative Words has made to me and my organisation are professionalised and revolutionised! I’m a massive fan and can’t recommend Creative Words highly enough.

Pete Cohen

Jayne Odell, Founder & Co-Director of Out of The Bleu Creative Design


We’ve supported Jayne and her team with copywriting, content, and project management services for a number of their client projects.

“I initially met Cate at a online networking event and we arranged to have a follow up meeting to find out more about each others businesses. I could see Cate has great passion for her work and really likes to get to know her clients so she and her team can provide exactly what the client is are looking for. When discussing a new web site build with one of my clients and we started talking about the content, Cate immediately came to mind and I did not hesitate to do an introduction between Cate and the client. I am very pleased to say the content Cate produced was excellent and the new website is going live very soon. Will defiantly be referring clients to Cate and her team in the future.”

Ellen Badat, Purple Tree Solutions

I have worked with Cate and her team at Creative Words many times and I have only one word to say about them… AMAZING! Cate is professional, friendly, experienced and passionate about the content she creates and her business. Highly recommend them for all your Content Gold. Flawless service and quality, always.”

Jayne Odell, Out of The Bleu

Gill Robinson, Print Manager and Owner of NEXUScpp


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Gill on a number of collaborations. Our role is to help Gill step into the place of her clients, to ensure that every piece of print work she produces projects their voice in a way that appeals to their target market.

Fantastic 🙂 Always great to work with a pro and not having to worry how the project will go. This morning I shall drink my cup of coffee to your health Cate! Cheers!

Filipe Galiza, Digital 808

Maria Finch, at Antony Davis Estate Agents


We supported Maria with a full content review of their leaflets, giving tips and advice to help ensure they conveyed the right message to their clients.

I had been struggling with copy for our new brochure for weeks and it still wasn’t right. I asked Cate to help and within a few hours I had the result I needed. It just goes to show, always invest in an expert

James Ewles, Brancaster House

Kate Kelly, at Stowmarket Carnival


We supported Kate and the Carnival by creating a fund raising letter that enabled them to write to all of the major and minor businesses in the area asking for their support. The letter has helped them to exceed their target.

I learnt my writing skills during many years as a police officer. We were always reminded that a matter might come to court in a year or 2 so write everything down. That was over 30 years ago but old habits die hard. Cate and the team at Creative Words have helped me several times to take my “many” words and turn them into clear, concise, effective messaging that has been hugely beneficial to me in my business and life. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Tim Gale

Cate has taken the time to give thoughtful and detailed advice to best convey our message to our clients. We look forward to working with Cate again and would recommend her to everyone! Thank you!

Maria Finch, Antony Davis Estate Agents

“Cate at Creative Words consistently delivers insightful and practical content. Her articles, ranging from presentation tips to email writing strategies, are invaluable resources for business owners and professionals. Cate’s expertise shines through her well-structured, engaging, and easy-to-understand writing. Each piece offers actionable advice, whether it’s choosing the right content type or understanding the nuances of tone of voice.
Highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their content.”

Daisy Jerobon, Better Stronger