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The Content Gold businesses often forget

There is an oft-forgotten type of Content Gold. One which is so important and yet frequently slips off the radar. Can you guess what it is? No? It’s Customer Care Content. We’ve gone to all the trouble (not to mention financial outlay) to attract a customer and get them to buy from you so it

Using content to give a new customer a great experience

Creating delighted customers from day one

Using content to give new customers a great experience Creating delighted customers from day one is a priority for every business. While it’s good to celebrate every new customer you get – it’s great news that warrants a few high-fives and a moment or two to feel grateful – once the celebrating is over what

How to keep customers coming back with regular content

Regular contact with your customers is an essential part of great relationship building. Like any relationship this needs your time and attention, but the benefits (for you both) massively outweighs the work it takes to provide them with regular content. You’ve got their custom – job done isn’t it? Regular contact ensures you’re kept front

How do you handle your unhappy customers

Whether we like it or not things go wrong – it’s a fact of life – but when the proverbial hits the fan, how do you handle your unhappy customers? Getting this right from the get-go is vital to whether they come back or not. So, let’s take a look at some things you’ll want

Adding Value

Adding value to your existing customers goes a long way to keeping them happy. For instance, have you ever seen companies who offer new customers a great discount which you – the loyal customer – don’t get? Annoying isn’t it! Your loyal customers should always feel valued above any new customer (it’s what keeps them

Testimonials – the win-win

Okay. I know what you are thinking: “Testimonials? For Customer engagement? Surely a testimonial is marketing?” For you and your business – yes it is! But it’s also so much more than that. The power of testimonials  There’s a huge win-win for both you and your customers when it comes to giving and receiving testimonials.