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telling your story

Telling your business story

Hands up who loves a good story? Me too! Children and adults alike, we all resonate with stories in some


Telling your story on your website

Having a website is pretty much a ‘given’ for most businesses these days. When someone visits it, you want them

social media

Telling your story on social media

Social Media is an immediate form of content that’s fast paced and mainly focused on the present. So, when you’re


Telling your story in blogs

One of the greatest settings for telling your story is in blogs. This is the place where you can go


Telling your story through testimonials

Your business story doesn’t always have to be told by you. In fact, in the right situation, it can be


Story writing for beginners

When it comes to story writing, according to Nigel Watts in his book, ‘Writing a Novel and Getting it Published’,