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How to Write

Spelling and Grammar

How do you write?

Cate, How do you write? This is one of the questions that I’m most often asked is also one of the most vague and difficult to answer. Seeking the ‘How to write’ rule book? If you’re not confident about the process of writing, it would be ideal to have some kind of rule book. That

Underwood Typewriter - whats on your mind

What’s on your mind?

But what  do I write? It is a common conundrum. In my last blog I spoke about how to get going and to get into the discipline of writing and that doing something (anything) every day is the cornerstone for building your writing muscle. Having tackled ‘how’ the question which often comes wining my way is

Spelling and Grammar

Let it all Hang Out – how to get started on a piece

How do I get started? Oh! The dreaded blank piece of paper! This is one of the hardest challenges you can face as a writer. Staring down onto an empty page (or screen) is intimidating and knowing how to get your teeth into the piece is so tough. And the more you think about it

Pyramid structure for a blog

Structure your ideas from a single point

You’ve got a target audience in mind and you’ve got all your ideas written down, now’s the time to think about the structure of your article. To do this you need to answer one question: What is the ONE THING you want your ideal reader to take away? This should be one very clear point

Spelling and Grammar

Do you panic about spoiling and grammaring?

The time has come – so don’t panic! If you’ve followed the steps outlined in the previous blog posts, you should now have a full outline for your own article. All that should be left is to get on and write. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this is where they get stuck. It is

How to Write - the summary

How to Write – the series summary

Over the last five posts, we’ve delved into how to write. Not the mechanics of syntax and grammar and sentence structure – but how to get you writing in the first place. For those of you who like edited highlights, here is a short summary of each of the articles, so you can get the gist of each

It's all about pyramids

It’s all about pyramids

In my recent blog series, I’ve been writing about tips and techniques on how to get you writing. Before we move onto the next series, I wanted to share with you one tool which will help with your writing. In this case, it is a book which I’ve mentioned a few times in various blogs: