How to Write

Spelling and Grammar

How do you write?

Cate, How do you write? This is one of the questions that I’m most often asked is also one of

Underwood Typewriter - whats on your mind

What’s on your mind?

But what  do I write? It is a common conundrum. In my last blog I spoke about how to get going

Spelling and Grammar

Let it all Hang Out – how to get started on a piece

How do I get started? Oh! The dreaded blank piece of paper! This is one of the hardest challenges you

Pyramid structure for a blog

Structure your ideas from a single point

You’ve got a target audience in mind and you’ve got all your ideas written down, now’s the time to think

Spelling and Grammar

Do you panic about spoiling and grammaring?

The time has come – so don’t panic! If you’ve followed the steps outlined in the previous blog posts, you

How to Write - the summary

How to Write – the series summary

Over the last five posts, we’ve delved into how to write. Not the mechanics of syntax and grammar and sentence

It's all about pyramids

It’s all about pyramids

In my recent blog series, I’ve been writing about tips and techniques on how to get you writing. Before we