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Planning Content

Planning your Content for 2021

December! A month of frenzy and then, on the 26th, it all goes quiet for a few days. For most small business owners, this is a great time to draw breath, reflect and plan for the new year. So, if during your pause, you’re thinking about content plans for the coming year, here are my

Planning it out

Managing dynamic content is all in the planning. Or rather, not having a content plan can be so paralysing that it can kill your creativity. Worrying about this morning’s post is so much more stressful than having to come up with something for six weeks ahead. Having plenty of ideas in the hopper really helps take

Planning your content

One of the master keys to feeling on top of your content is by planning ahead. This will not only help you produce content, but also maintain an audience who are more likely to follow your work. Here are my top tips for planning. Think about the audience and the value you can bring to

The three great Myths of Content

The Three Great Myths of Content

‘Content’ is such a buzzword these days – it is a concept surrounded by myths and anecdotes. There isn’t a small business owner who hasn’t been told “you need good content.” Yet, when you dig a bit deeper you find that ‘you need good content’ creates a lot of confusion and anxiety and, as a

It's all about pyramids

It’s all about pyramids

In my recent blog series, I’ve been writing about tips and techniques on how to get you writing. Before we move onto the next series, I wanted to share with you one tool which will help with your writing. In this case, it is a book which I’ve mentioned a few times in various blogs:

Pyramid structure for a blog

Structure your ideas from a single point

You’ve got a target audience in mind and you’ve got all your ideas written down, now’s the time to think about the structure of your article. To do this you need to answer one question: What is the ONE THING you want your ideal reader to take away? This should be one very clear point

Spelling and Grammar

Let it all Hang Out – how to get started on a piece

How do I get started? Oh! The dreaded blank piece of paper! This is one of the hardest challenges you can face as a writer. Staring down onto an empty page (or screen) is intimidating and knowing how to get your teeth into the piece is so tough. And the more you think about it

Underwood Typewriter - whats on your mind

What’s on your mind?

But what  do I write? It is a common conundrum. In my last blog I spoke about how to get going and to get into the discipline of writing and that doing something (anything) every day is the cornerstone for building your writing muscle. Having tackled ‘how’ the question which often comes wining my way is

Blogging – bringing it all together

In this Creative Words blog series, we’ve covered a variety of topics relating to blogging. In case you missed any of it, I’m wrapping up the series with a quick recap of some of the highlights. When to blog In this article we covered the role of blogging even in this fast moving world of

Pyramid structure for a blog

Think ‘pyramid’ when planning your blog

So many people say “I can’t write” as a reason not to blog. One of the great things about blogging is that it is a personal expression, so it doesn’t need to be ‘perfect.’  That said, it does need to be easy to read and follow by your audience, so this article will share with