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The Content Gold businesses often forget

There is an oft-forgotten type of Content Gold. One which is so important and yet frequently slips off the radar. Can you guess what it is? No? It’s Customer Care Content. We’ve gone to all the trouble (not to mention financial outlay) to attract a customer and get them to buy from you so it

Over the line – how to create effective sales copy

A decision isn’t a sale! Listen carefully, I will say that again for you… A decision is not a sale! For example – “I’ve decided to take a trip to Jordan.” I haven’t booked my flights yet, though. See the difference? A decision to go to Jordan has been made but no concrete action has

Getting to a decision

The primary role of marketing is to get people to the point where they think, “Yes, this is the business for me.” To be clear though, that does not mean they’ve actually placed an order. Getting people to a decision is actually the toughest step, because there are so many factors that influence it. Consider this…

Raising awareness with content

When building a marketing strategy and plan, the first thing you need to do is make people aware that you exist as a business and what you do. I know this might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people just don’t give their attention (or enough attention) to this step. Consider this… To

Using content to make a market

When we think of content from a business perspective, we most commonly think of it in relation to marketing. We think of websites, blogs, social media and emails – all designed to generate leads for our business. It isn’t the only type of content, of course, but since it is the one we all think of,

Planning it out

Managing dynamic content is all in the planning. Or rather, not having a content plan can be so paralysing that it can kill your creativity. Worrying about this morning’s post is so much more stressful than having to come up with something for six weeks ahead. Having plenty of ideas in the hopper really helps take

Taking action backwards

Coming up with great ideas for content feels like a passive process, but, in the world of idea generation, it can sometimes be all about action. Have you ever read The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey? If you have, you may know that one of those habits is to begin with

Reuse, recycle, reinvent

Nothing is more depressing than coming to write your regular blog or social media post and finding yourself thinking, ‘I have nothing new to say.’ Let me reassure you. It happens to everyone. Let me reassure you even further – what you have to say does not need to be new! Why? Because it only needs to


Let me tell you a story … Who, on reading that, doesn’t feel themselves start to engage? Everyone loves a story. Right from childhood, hearing about the adventures of someone else excites and interests us. We can identify with the characters, we enjoy their trials and tribulations vicariously, and we learn from their experiences (I

The generation game

It is surprising how often I am told ‘I just don’t have the creative gene,’ as though some of us are creative and others are not. Let me dispel an important myth, here and now. Being creative is not an exclusive domain of a ‘lucky few’ or an inherited ability. Yes, for some, there seems to