Construction is a small word that covers an infinite number of jobs in a massive industry. It encompasses anything from the small builder to the global construction firm. It also includes all the professional services that support it too – architects, consultants, and fire safety advisers to name but a few.

Celebrate your collaborations

Construction is a huge industry with a vast range of niche businesses incorporated within it and every point in the supply chain has a part to play.

With so many moving parts, there are opportunities to collaborate and make the process easier. Sharing the expertise of a valued company you work with has a two-fold positive effect.  You are showing your willing to be open and work with others and showcasing others’ work will most probably end up with them reciprocating (especially of you ask them nicely!). A win-win for both of you.

Avoid the panacea effect

Marketing for the construction industry can look like you trying to be all things to all people. It leads to your content looking too generic with a list of jobs you can do. Focus instead on homing in on the person who is consuming the content. What is that they want? Offer them an outcome for the customer – how is it going to make them feel? Don’t tell them you build houses; tell them you work with suppliers and tradesman to transform your house to the perfect forever home. Don’t say “We provide cladding for buildings”, say “Cladding which looks stunning, lasts well and is top quality in terms of safety”. You see the difference in language? Give them the ultimate goal, they can join the dots.

Take action on your marketing

For any company wanting to up their content game, it’s important to be really clear on who your client is. It may well be your main work is business to business, so your content should reflect that in the language it uses. Really tap into what your customers are looking for.

Also think about how to find your ideal clients – do they look on Google, or have you got in a place a marketing strategy that actively seeks customers out, rather than wait for them to arrive? Both is fine, but if you want more clients to work for, you need to work on finding new clients.

Maybe, for a short time at lease, you need to join networking groups, the members of which can help and support you in your business. I wrote about the value of networking and how to tailor your content here.

Think about where the most common content fits in your customers’ decision journey. Perhaps they have already met you and are in discussion before they look at your website, in which case make sure your home page is a continuing part of the conversation already underway. It may be that a private customer is doing a general business search for companies near them, in which case your homepage needs to appeal to them straight away. It may seem impossible to do, but there are clever ways to cover all bases.

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