There are so many different ways to get out there with content and, for most small businesses who are busy and juggling lots of different things, all those channels can be baffling and confusing. Frankly, it is tough to know where to start and what to do so doing nothing feels safer. Even more so where technology and new skills are involved – is it worth the investment of time in learning something which may never work out for you.

If that is you, this next blog series is going to be great for you!

Over the next 6 articles, I have invited a number of specialists I know who are working one particular content field. They will share their wisdom with you so you can decide for yourself what is right for your business.

What will the experts be sharing?

Each one of these experts will tell you a bit about how you can get the most from their particular channel. They will share their perspective and give you hints and tips on their specialist field so you can understand what it takes to get a good result.

It won’t be a total answer, of course – that might be asking a bit much in 500 words and 10 minute Facebook Live! But it will give you a flavour so you can decide if this is something you want to look at in more detail.

Added to that, we will have a couple of bonus articles which will give you some skills on communication and getting into the right mindset for getting ‘out there’ with your content.

Boldly going where….

I know using a quote from Star Trek is a bit of a cliché (and the actual quote is a split infinitive too!!)! but that is what I want to help you do. Taking the first step and making a start is always the biggest challenge for sharing your content so that is what I want to help you do – by proving that you are not going “where no one has gone before.”


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