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Creating something wonderful for our clients is a value that runs through everything we do at Creative Words.

You see, Content Alchemy is about transformation and creating gold. That’s why the content we create for our clients is bespoke, personal and authentically and wonderfully ‘you’! Yes, the creation process may take a little longer and cost a little more, but honestly we feel it’s worth it.

Why? Well, because what we create ensures our clients’ brilliance shines through in a world of hasty, anodyne content.

The ‘WOW’ factor

Recently, Cate had an ingenious idea for measuring whether we hit the mark with our create something wonderful value. She calls it the ‘WOW’ factor.

And it’s simple really. Our aim is that when a client reads our content, they immediately say, “Oh WOW, you’ve really got this right.” Those are words that fill us with happiness and help us to know that we’ve done a great job with delighting a client.

Cate has a dream of filling the world with WOW! So, to fulfil this dream we make sure that every client has their own team working on their content. They each have a writer, editor, content manager (carrying out content set up) and an account manager. Now, that might seem a little overkill for a small business like ours. But it’s providing this dedicated team that creates the WOW for our clients. After all, it’s not content tin or brass or copper we’re creating here – it’s content gold!

Let’s show you an example of how creating something wonderful comes to life for a client…

Carol the Consultant

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

At Creative Words we love to partner with other businesses to create a fully comprehensive client experience. Carol was referred to us by a marketing connection we have. He was pulling his hair out in his attempts to find a good writer for Carol’s firm.

Carol had, in her own mind, a very clear idea about how things should be written but found it quite hard to articulate exactly what she wanted. As a result, Carol and our marketing connection had worked their way through three other writers in the past nine months and had endured lots of edits and rewrites in the process.

As you can imagine, a lot of frustration had built up with the whole thing. Everyone was feeling like content written by a third party was more trouble than it was worth!

Creating something wonderful for Carol

So, it was with some nervousness that we took on the assignment of writing Carol’s first article, using existing articles as the basis. The first draft was written, checked and then reviewed again before it was submitted.


Carol was delighted! No edits were needed, and the marketing consultant and our team were over the moon (and extremely relieved!).

Now, you might be thinking, “Oh they just fluked it”, but you’d be wrong! From the 10 articles we’ve now written, only one has needed editing (and only a little), and Carol and her team have used us for several other projects as well.

The moral of the story is…

What it boils down to is this. As a business we keep our value of creating something wonderful at the heart of the service we provide. We really listen to the needs of our clients and translate their desires, their knowledge and their unique voice into the content we create for them. They often feel like we’ve somehow got inside their head, extracted their thoughts and then woven them together to create something wonderful.

If you’re ready to experience WOW moments with your content, book an exploratory call and let’s see how we can help make your content shine like gold.

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