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create something wonderful

Create something wonderful

Creating something wonderful for our clients is a value that runs through everything we do at Creative Words. You see, Content Alchemy is about transformation and creating gold. That’s why the content we create for our clients is bespoke, personal and authentically and wonderfully ‘you’! Yes, the creation process may take a little longer and

Regular engagement

Regular engagement – it isn’t ‘once and done’

When it comes to communicating with your people, it’s important to understand that regular engagement isn’t a ‘once and done’ thing. When people first join, they’re like sponges soaking in information about who you are as a business and why the way you do things matters. Over time however people forget unless, of course, they’re

How to keep customers coming back with regular content

Regular contact with your customers is an essential part of great relationship building. Like any relationship this needs your time and attention, but the benefits (for you both) massively outweighs the work it takes to provide them with regular content. You’ve got their custom – job done isn’t it? Regular contact ensures you’re kept front

Using content to give a new customer a great experience

Creating delighted customers from day one

Using content to give new customers a great experience Creating delighted customers from day one is a priority for every business. While it’s good to celebrate every new customer you get – it’s great news that warrants a few high-fives and a moment or two to feel grateful – once the celebrating is over what

Taking action backwards

Coming up with great ideas for content feels like a passive process, but, in the world of idea generation, it can sometimes be all about action. Have you ever read The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey? If you have, you may know that one of those habits is to begin with

The generation game

It is surprising how often I am told ‘I just don’t have the creative gene,’ as though some of us are creative and others are not. Let me dispel an important myth, here and now. Being creative is not an exclusive domain of a ‘lucky few’ or an inherited ability. Yes, for some, there seems to