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#creativewords Archives - Page 3 of 7 - Creative Words

What is it that you do? Writing your Products and Services pages

Has it really taken me until blog five to get to the product and services pages? For most business owners, this can feel like the most important place to focus. It is, after all, where you list all the things your business offers which make you money. Very true – but hopefully by now you’ve

What’s it all about?

What is the second most visited page on most businesses’ websites? I only learned the answer to this one recently and it really surprised me. It’s your About pages. Strange, isn’t it but it does make sense. It may not be the second place a new visitor goes (especially not if you’ve got your home page

Creating an inviting Home page

As a general rule, your Home page is the first thing that most people will see of your website. But (and this is a really big ‘but’) I want you to think of it like the front door of your house. You don’t want to leave people standing there! The idea is to invite your

How many pages?

This is one of those ‘How long is a piece of string?’ types of question. It is, however, something that deserves a bit of thought. Once you have given some thought to how your website is found and used you’ll be able to start planning out your site with that in mind. Work it out based

It starts with knowing how your website is used

Having a website is seen as a business essential these days. One of the first steps in setting up a new business is to get a website domain (which also gives you an email address) which is right for the business. I’ve known plenty of people who even name their business based on which web

Getting organised to write your masterpiece

At the start of the year you said to yourself “This is the year that I’m going to write a book.” If you’ve been following my blog series on this topic you’ll now have a better idea of what is involved. Now, then, is the time to get organised and, by bringing it all together

Getting into print

Someone asked me recently, “How did you get published? Is it expensive?” These days, there are so many different ways to get your book into print that I thought I would share the one most people use these days – self-publishing. It is worth saying, from the outset, that I am one person, using a

It’s not just about the writing

How much of the time it takes to create a book is spent writing? Not as much as you’d think. I was once introduced to a model of writing that makes writing only 30% of the process. The bulk of the time is spent either side if the writing. We’ve already discussed planning so now seems

When writing non-fiction make four decisions first

If you have a non-fiction masterpiece within you, dying to get out, it can feel like a challenge. No making stuff up like those lucky fiction types. No. You have to make sure everything you say is right! Well, not quite. Any book you write is from your own perspective so opinion is allowed as

For fiction, you need to consider the four elements

When your ambition is to write a novel, one can sometimes feel rather daunted by the process. It isn’t like writing non-fiction, where the information all exists and your job is to organise it and put your perspective on it.  No – you have to make stuff up. Let’s be clear here, unless you are a