If you have struck on a brilliant idea for a training course,  an e-book series or a membership service,  you are probably feeling pretty excited right now.

“Right. It is going to take my business to a whole new level. I can’t wait to get it out there. How do I do it?”

Step one in the process of transforming your content into gold is to ask the right question.

And how? isn’t it!

If you search on the term ‘online membership service,’ you get thousands of hits. The first few pages are for technical platforms, all there to answer your how? question. How you get your wonderful content uploaded to the internet isn’t important just now, though. How? only matters when you know what? at a detailed level.

“So,  I need to define what I am going publish then?”

You do but,  right here and now,  what? can wait too. As can where? and when?

Because, until you know who you want to receive your brilliance and why you want to take your ideas out into the market, all you’ll be doing is throwing a range of content onto the internet – with very little hope of making it work for you, or for anyone else.

So, start by getting a really clear idea of the audience for your golden content.  Think about and be able to describe who will buy your online course, articles or training? Where do they live? What life stage are they at? How do they interact online? What interests them? And what problem or challenge are they looking for you to solve for them?

Then, having understood your audience, have a clear vision of the outcome you want them to gain from the interaction.  When they are signed up to your service, what do you want them to gain from it? How will it help them? What should they be telling all their friends about why everyone else should join too? What would you love to hear them say in a testimonial?

When you know the answer to these questions you are ready to start thinking about how to organise your content.

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