“Make money while you sleep” is how online membership services are being marketed these days. It all sounds very attractive.

And how hard could it be? The idea is to put the materials you already deliver in one-to-one or small group workshops online and sell it, so everything is already there. Simple.

Simple – yes. But simple doesn’t mean effortless.

I am the world’s first content alchemist. I transform material into gold – and I do it by helping coaches, trainers and consultants to publish in online membership services, e-Learning and via books and podcasts. I know what it takes to bring brilliant content to a global audience, to keep members engaged and to do it month after month. Only when you have got that worked out will you be able to make money while you sleep.

Over the next few blogs I will cover some of the key considerations if you are contemplating taking your content online and want to get some sleep in the meantime!

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