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Ask the audience

If you don’t know what to write about, remember the first rule of content – it needs to speak to your audience. That means, of course, that your content ideas are easier to come up with if you have a specific reader in mind. But, rather more obviously, it means you can askyour audience what

Have a Golden Christmas

Over the last 10 weeks or so, Creative Words has been seeking out the wisdom of a range of experts in their field, to bring you their perspective on different methods of getting your content out there. We’ve spoken to: Luke Magnay about video Jo De Rosa about blogging Katie Foster about visuals and using

Keeping up with Social Media

I just love Social Media! I’m Alicia. I work part-time from home helping to organise Facebook content, working with content writers and a graphic designer to create posts and articles, mainly for Facebook groups which have thousands of members. Creating good Social Media content can be detail orientated and repetitious but I love how it

Let’s get Physical!

Print is where it all comes together Words are the remit of the copywriter and they will show up on the web and in social media and PR and in print, packaging and display. Visuals are the remit of the graphic designer, and the first piece of work will be your brand and the shortcut

Why, How & What to Blog?

Why? Blogging is the perfect way of engaging your target audience by gifting them a snippet of what you do, to ideally whet their appetite for your paid content. Can you imagine having an endless stream of interested individuals who love what you do and are ready to part with their cash on your products?

The Communication Superpowers

Are you fed up with blogs that start with thought-provoking questions? Does a bulleted list give you the vapours? Have you been given so many tips and tricks that in the end all you want to do is just be told what to do? As it happens, not many of us like being told what

Video for Business – Yeah But…

“Hey, you ought to do a video or Facebook Live for your business!” That’s quite an ask isn’t it? How does it make you feel? From what I’ve encountered over the past two years it usually is followed by “That’s a great idea but…” Maybe you’ve said or thought this to yourself? And it’s totally