I am Cate Caruth, founder of Creative Words. I'm an experienced copywriter, trainer and qualified marketer, skilled to meet a wide range of writing, editing and content development needs.

Before starting Creative Words I spent 22 years working in management consulting with a number of notable firms, and worked with a wide variety of sectors and services.

I'm passionate about releasing the greatness in inspiring people by freeing them up to do what they do best. Think of me as your 'content sidekick' for whatever your goals are in life. Using my wide range of experience I will work with you to understand your requirements and shape content to make the words tell your business story in the best possible way.

I am also the author of my own series of fiction books, The Bremmand Chronicles. 


Hello there, I'm Rhianne, part of the copywriting team at Creative Words.

My passion for language has taken me on an exciting and diverse journey. Though I have experience in varied roles, the urge to write has compelled me since my youth, with my first accolade being a published short story when I was 10. My love of literature has nurtured my creative ambitions, aiding my success in higher education.

Completing a Masters in contemporary culture and literature has been a compelling and fantastic journey, cultivating my comprehensive insight into research and analytical methods.

I enjoy the immersive nature of content adopting a new voice in order to convey ideas, and shaping experience through language.


Hello, I’m Katie – Business Manager and Visual Stylist extraordinaire for Creative Words.

After leaving the creative container of art and fashion college, my professional focus for the last 28 years has been on service and support as either a Personal Assistant, a Psychotherapist or a Coach.

I am a woman on a mission to throw out the “rulebook” and banish the “shoulds” to help clients uncover the true essence and uniqueness of who they really are – not just who they think they are! We then take that amazing uniqueness and infuse it into their life, business and online presence via the visuals we create together…and there you have Visual Styling!

I love supporting Cate as her right-hand woman and working alongside the whole Creative Words team, breathing life into the work that we do through the visual I create.


I'm Lola and, as you can probably tell, I'm not your average Content Alchemist. I moved in with Cate on the day Creative Words was formed and I've been supervising ever since.

I was born in July 2016 and had a somewhat unsettled start to life, until the RSPCA rehomed me and gave me Cate to take care of. I'm very good natured as long as I get my own way.

I'm very fond of headphones and phone chargers and my favourite spot in the house is the top shelf of the cupboard.